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mini birthday cake

Making Mini Birthday Cakes

Making Mini Birthday Cakes | Wellnesting

Chuck’s birthday came and went a few weeks ago (the Monday after our Asheville trip, to be exact), and because we had been on the road so much I decided to throw him a low key celebration with just the two of us. Even though I knew he would be travelled out and still full from all the food we put away over the weekend, I couldn’t not have a cake for him – that would be borderline sacrilegious. So instead of the whoppers I usually make, this time I went for a mini cake – just big enough for one (ok, maybe two) – but still full of birthday spirit and wife-ly pride.

I got the idea from The Wedding Chicks’ cute blog and followed their recipe for a simple vanilla/vanilla cake. While I didn’t go the cupcake pan route (for purely selfish reasons), I did opt for an almost equally wee 3-inch pan. With three layers of cake and copious amounts of frosting, it was the perfect size for a tiny two-person birthday throw down.

Even if you don’t have any birthday parties coming up, I highly recommend making one of these pretty little things to celebrate your next promotion/anniversary/Friday night – or any night for that matter. They’re the perfect size for one and so tasty.

Making Mini Birthday Cakes | Wellnesting