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Let's take this outside

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Picnics are one of my favorite things about summer.

Scratch that. Of all time.

Not that the husband and I actually picnic very often, but nevertheless, they hold a special place in my summer-loving heart. I’ve idealized them in my head to the point where they just make me swoon whenever I think of one. Oh you know, just leisurely lounging in the grass reading a book of love poems while the hubs fiddles with the music and pours me another glass of wine. A gentle breeze rustles the grass and the sun peeks out from behind the clouds while the sound of birds singing from their nearby perches wafts toward us.

Oh, and there’s a kite. There’s always a kite.

It’s dreamy and romantic and so *realistic it hurts.

While a real picnic may never live up to the picnic of my dreams, I still managed to convince Chuck to at least give it a try this weekend (I think my eagerness and constant pestering finally did him in). And I’m beyond excited to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and pretty weather, perfect picnic or not.

Here are my picks for making any picnic the best picnic ever:

Everything you need for the perfect summer picnic | Wellnesting


*Said no one ever

How to Do Anything - Memorial Day Edition

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How To Do Anything This Weekend | Memorial Day Edition

Can you believe the {unofficial} start of summer is just 3 days away? I, for one, am getting antsy to get outside and play the days away like when we were kids. Here are 8 ways to usher in warmer weather and celebrate your extra long weekend with friends and family, or simply relax and recharge away from the office.


  1. How to work a room when you'd rather be doing something (anything) else (Darling Magazine)
  2. How to host an outdoor movie night (The SITS Girls)
  3. How to make this delicious Lavender Key Limeade (Kiran Tarun)
  4. How to pick the best summer wines for any occasion (Man Repeller)
  5. How to sew the perfect beach dress (A Pair and a Spare)
  6. How to make a giant Jenga set for your backyard BBQ (A Beautiful Mess)
  7. How to date your man (or lady) on the cheap (Domaine)
  8. How to make healthier s'mores (Chocolate Covered Katie)

How to Do Anything This Weekend

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Let's all learn something new this weekend, shall we?

How to Do Anything This Weekend from Wellnesting

These are my favorite DIY posts from the last couple weeks. I'm especially loving the DIY leather jewelry dish from A Pair and a Spare (seriously why didn't I think of that?) and the idea of throwing a blanket down outside and having a picnic with the hub. Hopefully you guys have lots of fun things planned too! If you don't though, check out my recommendations below.

Happy weekend!

1. How to brew your best cup of tea (Food52)
2. How to make these raw chocolate peanut butter cheesecake bars (Chalkboard Mag)
3. How to rearrange your furniture like a pro (Apartment Therapy)
4. How to eat anything you want without gaining weight (Career Girl Daily)
5. How to use leftover rice water to stay looking young (One Good Thing)
6. How to apply bronzer without looking like an Oompa Loompa (A Model Recommends)
7. How to make the perfect picnic blanket (Paper & Stitch)
8. How to make a sleek leather jewelry dish (A Pair and a Spare)
9. How to naturally lighten your hair (Hello Natural)