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How to Revive a Blog

Stephanie2 Comments

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since October.  Also is it just me or does it feel like October just happened? Where did the time go? (Do I sound like a broken record yet?)

Taking a break from the blog was awesome at first, but after while it felt more like a burden. Having a dead blog is like having a perpetually unchecked box on your to do list (and lord knows I hate those unchecked devil boxes). All these big blog ideas keep popping into your head over and over again until you finally do something about them.

And what better time to start than with the new year? Resolutions be damned, I’m reinvigorated and ready to rock the shit out of this blog.

So what’s new? Well Chuck and I moved from DC to Richmond, but you guys already knew that. I took a big risk and left my job with no real work prospects in sight. And so to make ends meet I started a couple side businesses. I’ve always loved design and making things by hand so I decided to see what I could make of it.

These past few months have been 99.99% hustle, but it’s getting easier and the business is growing so I feel like it’s time to start delving into new projects.

Then in December Chuck and I took on our biggest project to date.

Meet Teddy...


^^^ Just look at that tummy ^^^

He is our sweet, rambunctious chocolate lab pup who keeps us on our toes and constantly makes us question our sanity (seriously, what were we thinking?!). Never having had a puppy before, Chuck and I are learning what it’s like to be new parents – only without the 9 months of prep time. We’re up at all hours of the night, spending more time at the vet than we thought possible, and trying to balance work with puppy rearing. It’s awesome and challenging and exciting – and what can I say, he’s just so freaking cute I can’t stand it.

Ok, so now that we’re all caught up, what does all this mean for the blog?

Well, this has always been a DIY lifestyle blog and I want to keep it that way. But I also want to start incorporating aspects of my DIY business into the blog. I love blogging about the things I’m doing/making in my personal life, and with a new business and puppy now monopolizing my time, I just couldn’t find anything to write about that didn’t feel fake.

So in an attempt to keep it real I’ve decided to start sharing what I’m learning about starting a handmade e-business: what to sell, where to sell it, and how to make money from your hobbies. I basically want to teach you how to turn your handmade hobby into a thriving business, because there’s nothing more empowering (and terrifying -- but mostly empowering) than being your own boss if that’s your thing.

I’ll also be throwing in a few pet DIYs just because Teddy is so photogenic and I know you won't want to go a day without seeing that cute face.

And if you’ve read this far, cheers to you!  I’m impressed ;)