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Let's take this outside

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Picnics are one of my favorite things about summer.

Scratch that. Of all time.

Not that the husband and I actually picnic very often, but nevertheless, they hold a special place in my summer-loving heart. I’ve idealized them in my head to the point where they just make me swoon whenever I think of one. Oh you know, just leisurely lounging in the grass reading a book of love poems while the hubs fiddles with the music and pours me another glass of wine. A gentle breeze rustles the grass and the sun peeks out from behind the clouds while the sound of birds singing from their nearby perches wafts toward us.

Oh, and there’s a kite. There’s always a kite.

It’s dreamy and romantic and so *realistic it hurts.

While a real picnic may never live up to the picnic of my dreams, I still managed to convince Chuck to at least give it a try this weekend (I think my eagerness and constant pestering finally did him in). And I’m beyond excited to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and pretty weather, perfect picnic or not.

Here are my picks for making any picnic the best picnic ever:

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*Said no one ever