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How to Do Anything - Memorial Day Edition

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How To Do Anything This Weekend | Memorial Day Edition

Can you believe the {unofficial} start of summer is just 3 days away? I, for one, am getting antsy to get outside and play the days away like when we were kids. Here are 8 ways to usher in warmer weather and celebrate your extra long weekend with friends and family, or simply relax and recharge away from the office.


  1. How to work a room when you'd rather be doing something (anything) else (Darling Magazine)
  2. How to host an outdoor movie night (The SITS Girls)
  3. How to make this delicious Lavender Key Limeade (Kiran Tarun)
  4. How to pick the best summer wines for any occasion (Man Repeller)
  5. How to sew the perfect beach dress (A Pair and a Spare)
  6. How to make a giant Jenga set for your backyard BBQ (A Beautiful Mess)
  7. How to date your man (or lady) on the cheap (Domaine)
  8. How to make healthier s'mores (Chocolate Covered Katie)