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DIY Winky Eyes Sunglasses Case

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DIY Winky Eyes Sunglasses Case

It’s getting warmer you guys and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited about getting outside and thawing out for a bit. But after about the hundredth time of pulling my sunglasses from the bottom of my bag only to find them scratched up and sticky (I don’t even know…), I decided it was time to craft something to keep them in tip top shape.

So today I’m sharing a little DIY sunglasses case. Unlike the rest of my DIYs this one is no-sew (!!!) and it’s perfect for all you anti-sewing-machine crafters out there.  And it only takes 10 minutes.

DIY Winky Eyes Sunglasses Case


Fusible tape
Cotton fabric (I used cotton canvas)
Black felt
Industrial strength glue
Needle and thread
Embroidery floss

DIY Winky Eyes Sunglasses Case
  1. Cut two 9 x 6 inch pieces of cotton canvas.
  2. Lay one piece of canvas flat on your ironing board. Next place fusible tape on 3 edges and lay the other piece of canvas over top creating a fabric sandwich with the tape in between. Using an iron set to medium-high heat, iron each side for 30 seconds, moving periodically to prevent burning.
  3. Trim the edges and then turn the whole thing inside out.
  4. Fold the top edge inside and tuck several small pieces of fusible tape under the folded edge. Iron like you did before.
  5. Cut your felt to resemble an eye and lashes. I did this by cutting a small circle, two slight 'S' shapes and then some lashes. I then assembled them together to look like one open eye and a winking eye. Use the industrial strength glue to affix them to your case.
  6. Next hand-sew a button to the front.
  7. Braid 3 pieces of embroidery floss until it's about 6 inches long.  Hand sew that to the inside of the back piece of the case.
  8. Tuck sunglasses inside and close the case by wrapping the thread tightly around the button.
DIY Winky Eyes Sunglasses Case