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I Spy: Interior Obsessions

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My favorite part of spring is giving into the urge to nest. Like clockwork I want to throw things away and apply fresh coats of paint and tear down walls and start fresh. I have completely resigned myself to the fact that the tearing down of walls will have to wait (unless there's a chance my landlord may not realize......tempting) but I still dream of sprucing up the place nonetheless.

100 Layer Cake Bedroom Inspiration

I am completely smitten with this ^^ pretty room from 100 Layer Cake. It screams spring to me with its white walls and airy decor and greenery scattered throughout.  And how gorgeous is that four poster bed? Ahhh I just want to steal it.

Not to mention, the whole room is a DIY lover's dream.

Here are 6 ways you can get the look without stepping foot in a West Elm.......

I Spy DIY Interiors at Wellnesting
I Spy DIY Interior Obsessions at Wellnesting