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DIY Moon Ring Dish

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I’m a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. And, to loosely quote Van Gogh, the sight of the stars totally makes me dream.

DIY Full Moon Ring Dish

As a child, the universe always held such mystery and wonder for me, and even as an adult I’m still amazed by the beauty of it all. Life. Our little blue planet. The seasons. So it’s no wonder that I wanted to capture all these feelings and channel them into an ode to the moon.

So with a little bit of polymer clay and some craft paint, I made this dainty trinket dish. It’s perfect for holding rings or delicate jewelry that I might otherwise lose track of throughout the day. And it’s pretty enough to leave on display around the apartment, whether it be on a dresser, side table, or by the bathroom sink.

DIY Full Moon Ring Dish

Here's how to make your own...


White Sculpey oven-bake clay
Parchment paper
Rolling pin
Round cup or saucer to trace
Small oven-safe bowl
Acrylic paint (white, black, light gray, gold)
Paint brush

DIY Full Moon Ring Dish

Tear off a piece of clay about 2 inches wide. Warm the clay between your hands and roll into a ball. Next, place the ball onto a piece of parchment and, using a rolling pin, roll the ball flat until it's about 1/4 inch thick.

Take your plate/cup (mine was roughly 4 inches wide) and place it on top of the clay, then trace around it using a sharp knife. Remove the excess clay.

DIY Full Moon Ring Dish

Using your thumb and/or forefinger, make indents in the clay to resemble craters in the moon. There's no real rhyme or reason to this. I just looked at a picture of the moon and then did what felt right. I clumped most of my craters together, wrapping them around the bottom part of the moon, and left a small swathe in the center and around the edges bare.

Next, cut a small strip of parchment and place it inside your bowl so that the tails come up over the side. Place your moon in the bowl and gently press down so the sides curve upward. Try not to press too hard or you might break the clay.

Bake at 275 degrees for 8 minutes. Remove from the oven, let cool, and then use the parchment paper strip to gently remove your moon dish from the bowl.

DIY Full Moon Ring Dish

Using black, light gray, and white acrylic paint, mix them together until you have several variations of gray to choose from. I chose to paint my moon light gray, then went back and added dark gray craters and white highlights. Once I added the shadows and highlights, I went back and used my fingers to blend it together.

After the front dries, turn it over and paint the back a shimmery gold.

Let dry for 24 hours before using.

DIY Full Moon Ring Dish