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The Art of the Start

Fresh Starts

Fresh starts are my jam.

The beginning of a new year is for my adult self what Christmas morning was for my 5-year-old self.

Complete and utter magic. 

Somehow January 1 always starts off so shiny and new with barely a dent from the year before.  And like the rest of America, I’m completely obsessed with the idea of making a change. Many changes in fact, as evidenced by my ever-growing list of resolutions year after year. What wasn’t accomplished the year before simply gets recycled, bumped up higher on the list until I can’t ignore it any more. Until I HAVE to change. It’s refreshing and depressing at the same time. A hamster wheel of good intentions.

Yet there are a few resolutions that have become perennials on my list. They come up again year after year not because I need to do them, but because I love doing them. Because they, in and of themselves, signify a fresh start. And as I get older, it’s the fresh start that I’m aiming for. Not the makeover. Not the ladder. Not the finish line.

I’m looking for magic.

If that makes any sense.

So this  year my one and only resolution is to embrace fresh starts. To walk through every open door and to make my own luck when things seem stuck. To embrace whatever life throws at me.

Here are my five favorite (and highly recommended) fresh starts of the year so far.