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When the cat's away...


We did it. We made it through another week, you guys. Hip hip!

Hopefully you have some pretty fun plans cooked up. I'm going to be home alone all weekend, and since this never happens, I made a bucket list of all the things I've been dying to do lately.

Here's a snippet of how I'll be occupying my time this weekend. I know you love a good DIY project as much as I do, so maybe a few of these will spark your imagination...

Weekend DIYS at Wellnesting

1. Drinking these yummy Paleo Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Splits59
2. Having smoothies for dinner. And breakfast. And lunch. This Blackberry Coconut Smoothie Bowl from Hello Natural looks amazing.
3. I've heard a lot about body wraps lately and this honey yogurt wrap from Beauty Bets looks promising. I'll be the guinea pig and report back if all goes well. If it's a total disaster, let's pretend this never happened.
4. Making this cute no-sew (!!) beanie from The Wonder Forest.
5. Taking a Pattern Making Class over at Skillshare. (The pretty pattern above is by the super talented Emma Trithart)
6. Watching The Grand Budapest Hotel again. Have you seen it? It's pure magic.

How about you? What sort of fun things do you like to do when you're home alone?