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How to Make Your Own (Super Absorbent) Produce Bags

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DIY Produce Bags Absorbent Linen

I'm that person at the grocery store who refuses to use those plastic produce bags. You know, the person who unleashes a dozen loose apples on the conveyor belt and sheepishly watches the cashier try to wrangle them onto the scale. I'm positive that on more than one occasion the poor girl has seen me coming and quickly shut off her register light just to avoid me and my plastic rebellion.

I'm not ashamed.

But I have been saying for the past few months that I should just go ahead and sew some reusable produce bags. My only requirements were that they had to be both see-through (to make things easier on the cashier I've been terrorizing) and absorbent (because who wants soupy kale?).

So I picked up some cotton-linen toweling at my favorite local fabric store (G Street Fabric) and a sheer curtain panel, and whipped up these bad boys in about an hour.

Cashiers everywhere rejoice!

DIY Produce Bags Absorbent Linen

You will need (makes 4 bags):

2 yards cotton toweling
1 sheer curtain panel (I used Martha Stewart Living's 60x84 inch panel)
5 1/2 yards cotton rope
Fray check
Yard stick and/or small ruler
Fabric marker

Begin by cutting your cotton toweling into four rectangles measuring 19.25 inches long by 15.5 inches wide. Do the same with your sheer curtain panel.

DIY Produce Bags Absorbent Linen

Cut your rope into eight equal pieces, each 24 inches long. Apply Fray Check to rope ends to keep from unraveling and let dry.

DIY Produce Bags Absorbent Linen

Take one sheer piece of fabric and one piece of cotton toweling and place them together, being sure to line up the edges. With your fabric marker, mark 1 inch from the top edge of the fabric on both the left and right sides (see red lines in photo above left) and begin pinning pieces together. The red mark indicates where you will begin and end your stitch. Pin along three edges of your fabric, leaving the top open.

Starting at the 1-inch mark you made, begin sewing the sides and bottom of your bag together using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Be sure to leave the top 1 inch of the sides unsewn.

DIY Produce Bags Absorbent Linen

With your bag still inside out, fold down the top 1-inch of sheer fabric and pin. Turn bag over and do the same to the cotton toweling side. This will create a casing for your drawstring. Sew casing closed but leave both ends open so you can insert your drawstring.

Feed drawstring through casing and tie drawstring ends together.

Trim seam allowance and turn the bag right side out.

DIY Produce Bags Absorbent Cotton Linen Backing

Easy, no?

So what do you think? Anyone out there who might like to change the world one plastic bag at a time?


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