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Buy vs DIY: Vitamin C Skin Serum

Buy vs DIY Vitamin C Serum

With my 30th birthday looming in the distance, I've recently turned to lotions and potions as a way of keeping myself looking (feeling?) a bit younger. I started buying Cellex-C, a concentrated Vitamin C serum, about a year ago and loved it. It wasn't miraculous or anything, but I could definitely feel a difference in my skin.

Vitamin C is known as a potent free-radical fighter and it has been shown to prevent long-term damage from the sun. Not only that but it plays a vital role in collagen production, keeping your skin plumper longer. That was reason enough for me to keep spending the $45 for a bottle of Cellex-C, but that stuff quickly adds up when you're buying it every other month.

So now I make my own. At only $3.20 a batch (which can last up to a month in the fridge) it sure as heck beats the alternative.

DIY Vitamin C Skin Serum


1/2 tsp Vitamin C (I use Now Foods Tru-C because it's derived from fruit)
1 tbsp filtered water
Small, dark glass bottle with dropper

In a small cup, combine 1/2 tsp vitamin C (this was roughly 2 capsules for me) and 1 tbsp water. If needed, heat the mixture in the microwave for 10 seconds so the vitamin C dissolves more easily. Using a funnel (if you have one) pour the mixture into the glass bottle. Apply twice a day to freshly cleaned skin.

Vitamin C breaks down easily so it's best to make this in small batches and use quickly. Store in the refrigerator for up to a month.