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Blueberry Detox Smoothie


Chuck and I hit the open road this weekend and drove south to Richmond to watch his sister  get married. It was a beautiful two-day affair with family and close friends from near and far celebrating the couple, and it was by far the most fun I’ve had in a long time. The food. The cake. The drinks. The company. It was all wonderful.

But after spending three days living like Jordan Belfort in the Wolf of Wall Street (okay, so maybe it wasn’t that raucous), I’m ready to give myself a break. In order to reset my system and get back in the swing of eating well, I decided to do a smoothie diet this week.

For those of you who have read Clean by Alejandro Junger, my smoothie diet is a more relaxed version of the Clean Diet outlined in the book. For the next week, I’ll be eating a smoothie for breakfast, a regular lunch, and a smoothie for dinner. I’ll also be avoiding dairy, grains, refined sugar and caffeine, while stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables. My goal is to give my body a rest, but not to deprive myself. If I'm extra hungry, I have a second smoothie. If I'm craving coffee, I drink a cup with almond milk and no sugar.

It's all about balance.

Detox Smoothie Recipe Beets Dandelion Greens

To kick smoothie week off right, I wanted to share my favorite detox-approved smoothie recipe that will help your body flush toxins and cleanse your blood.

What does it do?

Seaweed – Helps to cleanse your body of heavy metals. As an added bonus, seaweed is full of iodine, which naturally boosts metabolism.

Dandelion Greens – Long known as a blood purifier and digestive stimulant, dandelion contains high amounts of potassium, which restores mineral balance in the kidneys as toxins are flushed out.

Beets – Help improve overall liver function and boost the body’s cellular intake of oxygen.

Blueberries – Contain a natural form of aspirin, thus decreasing the tissue-damaging effects of chronic inflammation.

Detox Smoothie Recipe Beets Dandelion Greens


1 ½ c frozen blue berries
1 c dandelion greens
1 small beet and greens
1 piece kombu or other seaweed
1 c hemp milk
¼ cup coconut cream

Blend everything except for the coconut cream on high until smooth. Pour 1 cup smoothie into a glass. Spoon in a middle layer of coconut cream and top with remaining smoothie. Garnish with coconut flakes, mixed nuts, or blueberries.

Detox Smoothie Recipe Beets Dandelion Greens