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EccoBella Makeup Review

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I've recently tried a new brand of nontoxic makeup called Ecco Bella, and now I'm kicking myself for not trying it sooner. I initially went to their site looking for concealer but I quickly found myself in every makeup lover's paradise and it was impossible to leave without spending a $100.

Why Switch to Non-toxic Makeup?

Let’s talk about non-toxic cosmetics for a second. One thing you rarely ever think about when making the switch to a healthier lifestyle is your makeup.  It wasn’t until I started delving a little deeper into health and wellness that I learned that what I put on my body is as important as what I put in it.

Because food and exercise are considered the Holy Grail when it comes to health, it leads us to believe that they are the only two factors that matter. And while they are important, no doubt about it, one can never really be healthy until they take a good look at the external factors that might be contributing to their illness.

So in addition to eating whole foods, and getting adequate sunlight and exercise on a daily basis, I also like to know exactly what’s in my beauty products.

Makeup is notorious for containing toxic ingredients.  Unlike other industries, the makeup industry is not subject to government regulation and ingredients are rarely, if ever, tested for side effects. According to this article by the Washington Post, what little authority the FDA has over the cosmetics industry is being undercut by manufacturers, preventing states from enforcing health legislation and protecting customers. 

In order to keep chemicals like lead, mercury, and formaldehyde off my skin and out of my body, I made the switch to nontoxic makeup.  When I'm not making my own, I'm usually trying out new brands to find the perfect shade of lipstick or the perfect long-lasting concealer, and from what I have tried, Ecco Bella is the real deal.



Ecco Bella Natural & Organic Beauty - A Review

1. FlowerColor Bronzing Powder in Sunflower - Even in the middle of the summer, my skin is rarely tan. If anything, it burns then peels,  and then quickly returns to its usual pasty white. So I usually rely on a bronzer, at least on my face, to give me some color.

Pros: Unlike a lot of other natural cosmetics, this bronzer comes pressed in a pan as opposed to in a loose powder. The texture is smooth, it goes on evenly and it lasts for hours.

Cons: The color I purchased is rather orange. I was expecting a deep mahogany or bronze but it's more along the lines of pumpkin. If used sparingly it can pass for tan, but if you put a little too much on you're in trouble.

2. Natural Mist On Toner and Vitamin Spray - This toner was touted for it's skin soothing and nourishing properties. As I get older I'm always on the hunt for something hydrate my skin and keep it looking healthy and young.

Pros: It smells amazing and it dries quickly. I have yet to have any problems with it burning my eyes if it gets too close to my lash line, and it works well to soften makeup if sprayed over top a freshly made-up face.

Cons: So far, none. It's fantastic.

3. Long Lasting Lip Crayon in Raspberry Port and Malt - I initially picked these up because they were on sale for $5 a pop.  It says on the website they contain natural vegetable waxes and vitamins to nourish lips and prevent chapping.

Pros: The colors are vibrant and the texture is a lot like what I was using prior to going non-toxic. They really do last a long time, even when layered over or under lip gloss. It's hard to find a quality lip pencil that doesn't contain chemicals and that still goes on smooth and evenly, however, these were great.

Cons:  EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database rates them a 5 (on a scale of 0 to 10) in terms of toxicity because it contains Vitamin A Palmitate. While a 5 isn't the worst possible rating, I usually try to aim for a 3 or below when choosing cosmetics. In addition, it looks like these might even be discontinued. It's unclear whether Ecco Bella will be bringing them back in more colors or getting rid of them entirely.

4. FlowerColor Cover Up in Beige - This is initially what drew me to Ecco Bella products. This beeswax-based concealer contains vitamins and minerals to keep skin fresh and looking younger.

Pros: The texture is amazing. It's thicker than most natural concealers and it's not quite as glossy as other brands I have tried that use coconut oil as a base. It doesn't irritate my skin and its long-lasting formula lasts for most of the day without needing a touch-up.

Cons: It only comes in two colors - beige and medium beige. Judging by the picture on their website it was hard to tell which color was lighter, but I chose beige based on the reviews. Although I love the texture, it would be nice if it came in more colors for us ladies holding down the ends of the skin-tone spectrum.

Overall, I'm impressed with the Ecco Bella products I tried, and I definitely plan to try their entire range of skincare and beauty products in the future.