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An Insanely Easy Two-Ingredient Blush Tutorial

DIYStephanie2 Comments

The idea came to me in a dream last week.

Ok, well not really in a dream, more like a moment of pull-my-hair-out-by-the-roots boredom at work in which I was staring blankly into space. I think you know the feeling. Anyway, I had this great idea -- why not use fruit to make my own cosmetics.

Why I never really thought to make my own makeup before is beyond me. I've been buying the expensive chemical-free, EWG approved stuff for years, and if you've ever read the list of ingredients on most of those products, you know they're nothing more than some color and clay. It was a no-brainer.

So I ran home that night and threw together the easiest two-ingredient blush.

Raspberry Tinted Blush Tutorial


Freeze dried raspberries (I found mine at Trader Joe's)

Baby powder (Burt's Bees makes a good talc-free version)


To make, simply combine 1/8 cup raspberries (I estimate it to be about 8 whole raspberries) with 2 tablespoons baby powder in a clean coffee grinder. Grind for 30 seconds or until you get a smooth powdery consistency. That's it!

If you would like a punchier color, add more raspberries. If it's too dark, add more baby powder. Simply play around with it until you get the perfect color for your skin tone.

Now I have somewhat dewy skin most of the time so I find it sticks pretty well, but if you have trouble getting yours to stay on, add a few drops of essential oil. Any kind will do but I think lavender would smell especially nice.

Store in a clean, sealed container up to 2 months.

Raspbery Tinted Blush Tutorial 2

When I was done, I proudly showed my concoction to the hubs and he brought up a good point. What about toxins in the raspberries?

It's true, Trader Joe's freeze dried raspberries aren't organic. The package does say they are unsulfured, which is good, but it doesn't say anything about how the raspberries were grown. While organic raspberries would be best if you're concerned about putting anything grown with pesticides on your skin, I still think blush made with just fruit and baby powder is better than 99.9% of the cosmetics on the market. In this case you're comparing a small number of chemicals found in the raspberries to a large number found in standard cosmetics. I'll take the lesser of two evils.

If you're still a concerned, I found these organic freeze dried raspberries by Just Tomatoes over on Amazon. They should do the trick.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!