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Fresh Take // Flower Crown

Wellnesting_Fresh Take_Garden Crown.png

When coming up with ideas for the blog, I often think about what I reeeaaaally want to make that day. Some days I don't want to make anything, in which case you can call me Scrooge because I'm typically crotchety and a total pain to deal with. But most days I have an idea tucked away that's just itching to be set free.

This time it was all about flower crowns. If you've been loitering on the same blogs as me, I'm sure you've seen them just about everywhere. They're pretty, no? I think so at least. They remind me of childhood fairy tales with maidens and knights and romance.

So I set out to make one -- only I was running low on practically everything you would need to make a flower crown. Namely the flowers. And rather than go out and buy some, I did the next best thing: I raided the garden.



And this delightful hodgepodge of leafy greens became this...

I kind of like it.


There are lots of tutorials out there for making flower crowns but this one is really close to how I made mine.