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How does your garden grow

Patio Garden Harvest.png

When looking for apartments three years ago, I always kept the possibility of having a patio garden in the back of my mind. I wanted a place with lots of sunlight and a balcony big enough to let me plant lots and lots of vegetables. Then somehow we stumbled into the perfect place with not one, but two south-facing patios that get nothing but sunlight all day, every day.

And it was on.

We spent way too much money and only planted seedlings from Home Depot that first year. Tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers and flowers and things not totally suited for patio growing.

The second year we knew better, and I went online and bought organic seeds. I buried a few seeds in the ground before the dirt had barely thawed and waited for any hint of growth.  By the time summer rolled around we had a patio jungle on our hands, and we've been rolling along every since.

Carrots Garden Harvest