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Watercolor Gift Tags

DIY Watercolor Gift Tags

While I love a beautifully wrapped gift something fierce, I’ve never been one for actually taking the time to do it myself. Gift wrap has always been an afterthought for me. Something I end up slapping on a package (with love, I promise) after I’ve painstakingly mulled over what to buy for weeks and then finally made moves to get it.  By the time I have that sucker in my hot little hands I’m so tired of the whole shebang that I’d be happy to never see it again, much less wrap it (with love).

DIY Watercolor Gift Tags

But as I get older and find myself getting excited over more and more mundane things, I’ve started to see the act of wrapping gifts as a therapeutic, and dare I say it, fun, activity. Especially when disguised as a totallysuperfuncraftproject rather than a pokeyoureyesoutwasteofanafternoon (with love).

DIY Watercolor Gift Tags
DIY Watercolor Gift Tags

So maybe we should all just celebrate in my new found love of gift wrap by making these totallysuperfun watercolor gift tags.

DIY Watercolor Gift Tags


White gift tags
Watercolor paints
Paint brush
Gold paint pen
Baker's twine


  1. With a clean brush, dampen the gift tags with water.  This will allow the paints to spread more easily.
  2. While the tag is still wet, slowly add your color being sure to move it around the tag. The color will naturally pool in certain places, which creates that stereotypical watercolor effect.
  3. Add more colors so they bleed together forming a gradient.
  4. If the tag gets too dry, simply add more clean water until the color starts to bleed again.
  5. Allow tags to dry completely.
  6. Use your paint pen to write sayings on the front of tags.
  7. Tie with baker's twine and attach to gifts.
DIY Watercolor Gift Tags